3833 N. Broadway

  • Residential
  • Terra Cotta Facadectomy
  • 3833 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL

Designed in 1911 by architect Hale Waterman, “The Eagles” building at the corner of Broadway and Sheridan in Chicago’s Boystown neighborhood has been a distinct corner storefront for over a century. However, decades of neglect left the terra cotta in extremely poor condition. Prior to the demolition of the corner store and a number of adjacent buildings, Central performed a “facadectomy” dismantling and salvaging approxitaly 700 pieces of terra cotta. In their place, a large residential condo building stretching the majority of the block was erected, however, the corner at Broadway and Sheridan was designed to match the former stucture in order to accomodate the re-installation of The Eagles. Combining the usable salvaged pieces with new replacements, Central was able to both restore and preserve one of Chicago’s more unique historic terra cotta storefronts.